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College Application

How DO you apply for college?!

Private School or Public?  How much is Tuition?  How can I tell if a school is “Right” for me?  How do I choose a Major?

Feeling confused?  Don’t know where to start?  This class is for you!

Learn the ins and outs of college application.  Develop application and scholarship folders.  Create timelines for your entire process, from start to finish.  Learn what to look for on college visits and tours.  Learn the vocabulary you need to ask the right questions.highschool

We take you through every step.  During class you will create a College Application Kit, including college applications, The Common App, FAFSA paperwork, Scholarship folders and even your college essays!  You will walk out of class feeling confident, with a roadmap to a successful college outcome tailored for you.

The road ahead can be confusing.  This course will help you navigate through some of the perils and pitfalls.  A 6 hour course over two days.  Out of class work is required.  Parents are invited to a Q&A wrap up at the end of the course.