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A Running Start

Arm Your Student with Skills for Success

Students beginning high school need to be better prepared!

Most middle school students are NOT prepared for the level of rigor demanded by the high school system, or for the culture shock they’ll face as they transition from a small community of kids their own age to the much larger population of mostly older kids in high school (as many as 2,000 in Anchorage schools.)

Homework expectations are higher, projects are larger and self-motivation becomes an essential requirement for success. Most Freshmen spend at least the first semester, if not the entire year, struggling to understand how high school works. Social impacts combined with the more difficult academic requirements can result in anxiety, confusion and a negative impact on grades.

Even current high school students are woefully ill prepared for the work they face every day.  Homework is often left undone, not turned in and worse, not understood.  Projects are frequently left for the last minute before they are even started.  As for classroom readings; often they just are not done at all.

Here is where Aether Education can be of assistance. Students learn essential skills for test taking, memorization and time management. They learn to cope with Anxiety because they are developing tools for success.  They learn to study smarter not harder. The skills they’ll learn will help them hit the ground running in high school. They’ll be better equipped to learn the material, excel at their classwork and enjoy their education. And these same skills will be of use later in college and beyond.

Aether Education is an Official Raven Home School, IDEA Home School and Anchorage School District Vendor.  Use your Allotment!